Privacy policy

Team Tejbrant AB mainly deals with personal information we received from the person himself or their employer. The information we process is Name, Email, Phone Number and Employer. In the event that someone requests Team Tejbrant AB to disclose information pursuant to Articles 13-15 or take another measure pursuant to Articles 16-22, we will also register the social security number to ensure the identification of the individual. In some cases, we request consent for the processing, but as a rule, we process personal data to conclude and complete agreements. Before there is an agreement, the basis for our treatment is based on interest weighting, and then refers to the disclosure of information or processing requests. We adjust the security according to how sensitive personal data is processed.
 The data will only be processed as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of processing and compliance with law and agreement. The precise time for data to be discontinued therefore depends on whether there are or may be presumed reasons for continued treatment, e.g. in connection with an investigation or dispute.
If you do not consider Team Tejbrant AB properly addressing your information or otherwise violating the Data Protection Ordinance, please contact the Data Inspectorate / Privacy Authority, which is the regulatory authority for assistance.
Team Tejbrant AB will not transfer personal data to anyone other than our subsidiaries and our personal information counsel who handle our IT solutions. No personal data will be transferred to third countries (outside EU / EEA).
Data processor
The person responsible for Team Tejbrant AB is Camilla Karlsson who can be contacted by sending an e-mail to