Team Tejbrant participates in project for safe public transport

In the next few years, large investments will be made on Swedish public transport. At present, many people opt out of public communications because of that they do not feel safe. What is required to ensure the safety and security of all travelers when traveling in public transport? What is the role of the rapid digital and technical development in this work?

These issues were in focus during yesterday's seminar, where Teleste, in cooperation with us at Team Tejbrant, Fältcom and Philips, highlighted the role of digitization in safe public transport.

On-site were invited representatives from the technology industry, government and politicians. In connection with the seminar, an exhibition with the latest technological innovations was also presented, focusing on creating safety in public transport. Among other things, a digitized bus stop with built-in CCTV and with a number of traveler services such as personal alarms was demonstrated.