Solar AdTek and Team Tejbrant combine forces to deliver innovative solar bus shelter solution in Sweden.

In several of our products, it is possible to integrate a solar solution. These solutions have mainly been developed in a good collaboration with Solar AdTek.


We simply wanted a solar solution to illuminate the Team Tejbrant bus shelters. This was to provide not just light for safety but needed to be bright enough to also allow our customers to read the timetable. Our request seemed simple but the reality was a little different. Our shelters are in Sweden where winter nights can have darkness for up to 18 hours and are mainly in remote areas with no connection to the grid.


We also needed the solution to be integrated into our existing shelter designs. It needed to function in the northerly environment with short days for charging the battery and long nights where it was required to light. The system had to be energy efficient and work without the need for costly connection to the grid.



We started working with Solar AdTek who embraced the challenge. Working with Johan Isaksson Team Tejbrant’s Head of Design and Engineering, they developed a bespoke system that solved our problem. The design of the solar lighting was integrated cleverly into the existing shelters, mainly on their curved roofs. It combats the issues of short days and dark winter nights as well as being environmentally friendly and a lower cost than a grid connection.


The solar courtesy lighting system includes batteries which are designed to function during the cold winter temperatures in these northerly areas. It also comes with a built-in battery management system. A timer and Passive Infra-red (PIR) sensor is integrated into the system, which means that all during the night, the lighting is on at a low level when the shelter is not occupied and this gets brighter as someone enters the shelter. This conserves energy especially during the long winter nights to ensure that the system works all night long.


“We have been delighted to work with Solar AdTek over the past number of years and have integrated many Smart solar courtesy light systems developed by them into our street furniture products. These solar systems have been installed mainly in mid and south of Sweden, Stockholm, Uppsala and Kalmar. Many of these are for transport companies and one of the biggest advantages is they can avoid the additional cost of electricity grid connection. This is achieved without making any change in the design or look of the shelters and user comfort and safety is maintained.”

Per Saveborn, Chairman (acting) and sales manager export Team Tejbrant


“Solar AdTek embraced the challenge put to them by Team Tejbrant and were excited to work on a solution with Johan Isaksson. It was refreshing to be able to combine the experience of both our teams to develop and deliver a solution that meets the brief so well. The added benefits of carbon free energy, longevity and the recyclable nature of the solution all fit within both brands ethos and ultimately benefit the end customers in more ways than just lighting.”


Eoin O’Broin, Solar AdTek


For additional information read the case study on our Swedish Bus Shelters project (LINK TO

Who are Team Tejbrant

Team Tejbrant AB is one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of street furniture and illuminated advertising units. We supply bus stop equipment, weather shelters, trolley garages, smoking shelters, illuminated advertising units, bicycle parking solutions etc. to municipalities, transport companies, advertising companies and individual companies across Europe. Team Tejbrant has been on the market since 1982.



Who are Solar AdTek

Solar AdTek is a producer of solar and grid connected energy efficient LED lighting primarily for the outdoor advertising market with clients throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our core products are used to illuminate advertising displays and courtesy lights in bus shelters and onto billboards. We have developed this range of products for outdoor advertising companies, transport authorities and manufacturers.