Weather shelters

Our weather shelters are available in a variety of designs, both large and small. The flexibility is great, since we can customize the product according to customer requirements. Aluminum and glass in combination makes it easy to keep the product clean and fits in well with all types of environments.

Team Tejbrant´s flexible profile system with its functionally designed shelters is available in a variety of models. We can provide both large and small shelters, suitable for all types of environments; wide avenues, large bus plazas as well as in the provinces. These weather shelters are standing up to all the requirements in terms of climate, from the snow-covered plazas in northern Scandinavia to the tropical areas of the monsoon rains.

Thanks to the thougt out design, all weather shelters are designed to reduce the time spent on the repair of damage / vandalism. Attention was also given to the media companies' demands for visibility of advertising communication when this is required.