Team Tejjbrant always designs and manufactures its products under the belief that form, function and economics must exist in harmony.

We offer a broad base assortment that can be developed, assembled in-house and tailored to prevailing conditions and requirements from our customers.  

The products are build of alumiumium profiles, which are more or less maintenance-free and 100 per cent recyclable.

Our base assortment includes more than 500 aluminium profiles, which gives a practically unending number of variations regarding design and lay-out, and the aim is to always achieve the lowest possible lifetime cost.

Based on this profile system, we can offer a broad assortment of weather shelters - but also many other types of street furniture, from bus-, terminal- and cycle shelters, entrance canopies, trolley garages and smoking shelters to information boards, benches and railings for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Our selection can be supplemented with a large assortment of advertising units. We currently offer back- and edge-lit light boxes with LED- or fluorescent lighting.